SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M
 Dam of *B Amy's Pride YJ Spike                  

*B Amy's Pride YJ Spike
Young Sire Development Program
American Alpine (AA1875191)
DOB: March 17, 2017

Sire:  SG++*B Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack  FS-91 (EEE)   Elite Sire                                        SS:  SG++*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  FS-90 (VEE)                                  SD:  SGCH Tempo Aquila Tokay  FS-93 (EEEE) 2008 National Champion 

 Dam:  SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M  FS-92 (EEEE)                                                     DS:  Amy's Pride Smokey's Chico                                                                                        DD:  SGCH Amy's Pride AR Apache 1*M                                                                                                

Spike is our Yukon Jack son out of one of our all time favorite does, SGCH Snikles.
Yukon Jack is one of the most sought after bucks in the Alpine breed today with good
reason.  He has sired many champions and high appraising Alpines but his most famous
offspring is non other that the 2015 National Champion and highest appraised doe of
any breed, SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free FS-95 (EEEE). SGCH Snikles is one of 
the soundest and most correct does we have ever raised.  She is a double granddaughter
of SG++*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett, son of the 4 x National Champ, Rishona. Spike is in the ADGA Young Sire Development Program. 

Sutton's Savvy Fenn 3*M, Dam of Flynt

Sutton's SD Flynt
Purebred French Alpine (A1925679)
DOB:  March 11, 2018

Sire:  +*B Sand Dance SS Sun Dancer
     SS:  CH *B Sand-Dance Spring Sun
     SD:  GCH Sand-Dance HLS Golden Gala 6*M

Dam:  Sutton's Savvy Fenn 3*M
     DS:  *B Amy's Pride Charmer Savvy
     DD:  GCH Sutton's NAV Grand Finale 2*M

Flynt goes back to some older lines we have used in the past. We hope that Flynt will give us the beautifully attached, high, wide udders we have seen from his line. 



Amy's Pride TR Dani 1*M

+*B Hoanbu Freelance Profit  FS-90 (VEE)

*B Amy's Pride Profit Dillon
Young Sire Development Program
American Alpine 
DOB:  March 30, 2018

Sire:  +*B Hoanbu Freelance Profit  FS-90 (VEE)
     SS:  SG++*B Tempo Aquila Freelance ~ Elite Sire
     SD:  SGCH Hoanbu ADV Pixie Pinata 3*M

Dam:  Amy's Pride TR Dani 1*M   FS-91 (EEEE)
     DS:  Amy's Pride LM Trooper
     DD:  Amy's Pride ADV Denali

Dillon is one of Dani's triplets that was born this year.  We had originally planned to offer him for sale but he just kept looking better and better.  Dillon is long and flat with excellent rear let set. We love our Profit daughters in the herd and Dani has always produced beautiful offspring regardless of what she was bred to.  We think the combination will work in our herd.  We are keeping his littermate doe and his brother is working in the herd of Eric Johnson in North Carolina.


AI Bucks 

SGCH Marran Rose's Rochester
Photo courtesy Marran Dairy Goats

SGCH Marran Rose's Rochester ~ Elite Sire
Purebred French Alpine (A1619776)
  February 24, 2012 ~ December 31. 2018

Sire:  SG++*B Sunshine Conina Condor  FS-88 (VEE) ~ Elite Sire
     DS:  Sunshine Schwarzee Conina 4*M               

Dam:  CH Marran Rapture's Rose
     DS:  CH Nodaway Must B Fate
     DD:  CH Nodaway SGG Raya's Rapture ~ RGCH 2013 National Show

Rochester is certainly making his mark on the Alpine breed! One only has to look at the beautiful does in the Marran and Pleasant Grove herds as well as others. He is siring long, level does with excellent udders. He has been named Premier Sire at the National Show twice which goes to show the excellence in type he produces.  His daughters are excellent milkers as well. We are thankful for the opportunity to add his genetics to our herd.  Three of our best does (SGCH Danika, GCH Faye and Fenn) are confirmed AI'd  to him for spring 2019 kids.

SG++*B Tempo Aquila Freelance

SG++*B Tempo Aquila Freelance ~ FS-91 (EEE) ~ Elite Sire
American Alpine (AA1271542)
DOB:  May 13, 2003

Sire:  SGCH++*B Milar-Farm Royal Image  ~ FS-90 (VEE)
     SS:  SGCH++*B Cherry Glen TRI Alice Adaddin ~ FS-91 (EEE)
     SD:  SGCH Exemplr Royal Ferina ~ FS-92 (EEEE)

Dam:  GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Free Thinker 4*M  ~ FS-92 (EEEE)
     DS:  +*B Missdee's Barracuda  ~ FS-87 (VEV)
     DD:  SG Des-Ruhigestelle Free Time 3*M

Freelance was used extensively on the West coast. He was the sire of +*B Hoanbu Freelance Profit who did an outstanding job in our herd.  He is AI'd to Amy's Pride TR Dani and we sure hope for some does with this mating.


SG++*B Willow Run Armand Solomon
American Alpine (AA1139822)
DOB: January 28, 1999

Sire:  ++*B Willow Run LA Armand
     SS:  ++*B Hoach's Lyric Landmark
     SD:  SGCH Maple-Glen Classic's Angela 1*M ~ FS-92 (EEEE) '96 & 97 Nat'l. GCH

Dam:  Willow Run GSM Southern Belle 1*M
     DS:  *B Willow-Run Gallivare
     DD:  SG Singing-Hills Suthun Magnolia

Looking to improve certain traits, this guy is the one for improving rear udder height and width as well as improved teat size and placement. The folks at Willow Run were very high on this buck before the dairy closed.

+*B Hoanbu Freelance Profit

SGCH Hoanbu ADV Pixie Pinata 3*M

+*B Hoanbu Freelance Profit ~ FS-90 (VEE)
American Alpine (AA1560779)
DOB:  March 13, 2011 

Sire:  SG++*B Tempo Aquila Freelance ~ FS-91 (EEE)  ~ Elite Sire
     SS:  SGCH ++*B Milar-Farm Royal Image ~ FS-90 (VEE)
     SD:  GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Free Thinker 4*M ~ FS-92 (EEEE)

Dam:  SGCH Hoanbu ADV Pixie Pinata 3*M ~ FS-91 (VEEE)
     DS:  SG+*B Olentangy Fortune Adventurer ~ FS-92 (EEE) 
     DD:  Hoanbu Sulten Pageant Pixie 2*M

We couldn't be more pleased with what this buck did for our herd. Profit is very tall, super correct and he passes that correctness on to his offspring.  Does in our herd are long and tall with excellent width through the escutcheon and hind legs as well as front legs. Udders are very well attached and capacious with his daughters being our heaviest milkers. His daughters in our herd, Danika, Deena, Pixie, Diva and Deka are does to watch for in the future.  We will be using Profit again through AI in the future.    


                                                                       *B Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up

SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free  FS-95 (EEEE)
2012 Res.GCH ~ ADGA National Show
2015 GCH ~ ADGA National Show      

*B Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up
American Alpine (AA1612750)
DOB:  April 8, 2012

Sire:  ++*B Redwood Hills Jazz Rimrock
     SS:  ++*B Redwood Hills Sierra Jazzman
     SD:  SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima FS-93 (EEEE)
           JrGCH 2009 National Show ~   GCH 2012 National Show

  Dam:  SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free  FS-95 (EEEE)
             RGCH 2012 National Show ~ GCH 2015 National Show   
      DS: SG++*B Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack ~ FS-91 (EEE) Elite Sire
      DD:  RB Farm Born Free

This is the only photo we have of "Legs" as he has come to be known. You couldn't write a better pedigree than what this guy has.  He will be used a lot more in the future.