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2nd Place Senior Yearling, 2008 ADGA National Show, Louisville, KY
13th Place 3 Year Old, 2010 ADGA National Show, Louisville, KY

GCH Amy's Pride AR Kassie 2*M   GCH Amy's Prde AR Kasse 2*M 
THEN...Kassie at the 2008 ADGA National as a Senior Yearling...and NOW...Kassie at the 2010 ADGA National as a 3 Year Old Milker



*Highlights for 2011*

SG+*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett attained Superior Genetics status

SGCH Amy's Pride ACC Dixie's Rebel 3*M attained Superior Genetics status

GCH Amy's Pride ADV Signy 3*M finished her championship & attained star status

4th consecutive year on DHIR ~ All does are "star" milkers

Entire herd tested negative for CAE for 12th consecutive year

Best Doe in Show ~ Sutton's RLY Misty Moonlight 2*M ~ Gwinnett County Fair

2 x Best Doe in Show ~ GCH Amy's Pride ADV Signy 3*M ~ Monroe & Georgia National Fair

Best Jr. Doe in Show ~ Amy's Pride TR Dani ~ Georgia National Fair

Brought *B Hoanbu Freelance Profit to Georgia

*Highlights for 2012*

Entire herd tested negative for CAE for 13th consecutive year

SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M finished her championship & attained Superior Genetics status

GCH Sutton's RLY Misty Moonlight 2*M finished her championship

5th Consecutive Year on DHIR Test ~ TWO NEW STAR MILKERS

SG *B Alpine-Valleys Golden Oats attained Superior Genetics status

Best Doe in Show ~ SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M ~ Gwinnett County Fair

*Highlights for 2013*

Entire herd tested negative for CAE for 14th consecutive year
6th Consecutive Year on DHIR Test ~ ALL DOES ARE STAR MILKERS
Two new STAR MILKERS ~ Dunkin & Satin
Brought SGCH PJ-Baileys' Sulten Arabella 5*M (2 x Top Ten BF) to Georgia
Brought *B Hoanbu X-Rated Prime to Georgia
4 Successful AI matings ~ One was repeat breeding that produced 2011 National Jr. Champion
*Highlights for 2014*
Entire herd tested negative for CAE for 15th consecutive year
7th Consecutive Year on DHIR Test ~ Two new STAR Milkers ~ Faye & Diva
Participant in ADGA PLUS Program
3 Successful AI matings ~ One to SG +*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett
2 x Best Junior Doe in Show ~ Amy's Pride Profit Pixie ~ Tennessee Valley & GA National Fair
Best Doe in Show ~ SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M ~ Gwinnett Co. Fair
*Highlights for 2015* 
Entire herd tested negative for CAE for 16th consecutive year
8th consecutive year on DHIR test
Participant in ADGA PLUS Program
2 doelings sired by SG++*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett
Best Junior Doe in Show ~ Amy's Pride Profit Deena ~ Carrollton, GA
ALL Milkers in our herd scored "E" in Mammary
Sutton's Ransom Faye achieved GCH status
5 0f 8 Successful AI Matings
2 new STAR milkers ~ Pixie & Mallory
ALL milkers in our herd STAR milkers

*Highlights for 2016* ~ So Far
Entire milking herd tested negative for CAE for 17th consecutive year

9th consecutive year on DHIR test
Best Doe in Show ~ SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M ~ Carrollton Classic
Best Doe in Show x 2 ~ SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M ~ Lookout Mt. Dairy Goat Show
Best Doe in Show x 2 ~ SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M ~ Carrollton Convention Fundraiser Show
Best Doe in Show ~ Amy's Pride Profit Danika ~ Carrollton Convention Fundraiser Show


Thank you for your interest in our small herd of Alpines. We are located in Georgia about 50 miles north of Atlanta and 18 miles off I-75. Our first Alpines were purchased over 25 years ago as a project we could do as a family. Since that time, we have enjoyed exhibiting our animals in many local and state shows. In 2005, our farm gained the distinction of being the first to win the Georgia Farm Bureau Best GA Born, Bred, & Raised award twice (SGCH Tamara in 2002 & GCH Bright Eyes *M in 2005). We have attended seven national shows with the latest being Louisville, KY, in 2014. Even though our herd is small, we have been competitive at the national level.

Due to our work schedule, we have selected animals that are hardy and trouble-free. We give all our animals reasonable care, but they are not pampered. They receive regular worming, Bar-Vac CD&T, and medicine for specific problems. We have never had CL abscesses in our herd. If they can't make it under our management conditions, they go. This system has resulted in a higher level of herd health and less problems for us. Our entire herd has tested negative for CAE at Washington State and recently UGA and BioTracking with the last test in February, 2015.
Our herd is certified and accredited brucellosis and TB free and although we no longer participate in the Scrapie Eradication Program, our herd attained Certified Scrapie Free status.  Because of our attention to herd health, WE DO NOT OFFER BUCK SERVICE.

All our kids are raised on a lamb bar simply for the fact that the kids are much easier to handle and show. Kids have access to alfalfa hay from the beginning and a starter ration containing deccox is introduced at approximately 6 weeks of age. Our does have access to a mixed grass pasture, alfalfa hay, mixed grass hay, and a commercially prepared grain ration. Protein blocks and baking soda are offered free choice the year round.

Our present herd carries the genetics of some of the top herds in the Alpine breed: Willow Run, Iron-Rod, Alpine-Valleys, Cherry Glen, Munchin'Hill, Hill-N-Holler, Nodaway, Milk-N-Honey, Sand-Dance, PJ Baileys, and Tempo Aquila. We are indeed fortunate to have had  SG++*Willow Run Ahren Rhett, son of four time National Champion, SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona at our farm. Following Rhett in our herd were *B Alpine-Valleys Golden Oats, son of the 2006 Reserve National Champion, Iron-Rod Rhett Stetson+B Iron-Rod Sullivan Advance, and *B Hoanbu Freelance Profit, son of Elite sire SG++*B Tempo Aquila Freelance.  In 2012 we added 2 new bucks from Laurie Acton's herd in partnership with Angela Peevy. *B Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up is the son of the 2015 National Champion, Living Free, and sired by *B Redwood Hills Jazz Rimrock who is a son of the 2012 National Champion, SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima 11*M.  *B Tempo Aquila XSS Regal is the son of SGCH Tempo Aquila Rotini 5*M, 1st Place 5-6 Year Old @ 2012 National and daughter of the highest ever appraised Alpine, Tetrazzina at FS-94 (EEEE), who was the 2013 National Grand Champion. Regal is sired by Redwood Hills X Soul Searcher, an X-Rated son who is now working in Mark Baden's Olentangy herd. We are also using an X-Rated son, *B Hoanbu X-Rated Prime, from Drew Buroker.

Since we must keep our herd small, prices are very reasonable starting at $300 for kids 4 weeks of age and under. Any kid not picked up by 4 weeks of age will be subject to an additional charge of $5 per day.  T
he majority of the kid crop will be available; however we reserve the right to retain any kid born. Bucks from first fresheners will not be offered until we have had the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate their dams. We are no longer taking deposits on kids. If you see something you like, let us know and you will be placed on our list. If and when the kid is born and available, we will contact the first person on the list and go from there. Prices do not include health papers (usually $45), shipping crate, transportation to the airport, or shipping costs. Due to weight restrictions, kids need to be shipped when they are approximately 25-30 pounds. We have had good service from Delta & American Airlines out of Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  We have successfully exported kids into Canada, Puerto Rico, and Aruba and will be happy to work with prospective buyers on exports. We welcome you to come to the farm to pick up your kid(s) so you can see our animals in person. Several milkers, mostly first fresheners, are usually available following kidding in the spring.

 Notice to our export customers: Airline shipping outside of the US and US territories must be booked through an approved IPATA pet shipper. Health certificates must be endorsed by Federal APHIS veterinarians and stringent APHIS and airline requirement must be met, usually including a period of isolation and additional testing and vaccinations for the animals. Shipments must be made while the temperature at both the point of departure and arrival is not higher than 85 degrees.  All of this takes time, so if interested in any of our kids, talk to us early and we will see what can be worked out.  Due to the expense involved, kids must be paid for and all other charges must be paid in advance before shipping.

Thanks to those of you who have purchased animals from us in the past. We wish you the best of luck in the future. We will be happy to provide additional information on any of our animals upon request.

CH Rebel and Ruffie
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